About Eleuke

ELEUKE IS America’s premier electric ukulele and is arguably the most versatile and affordable electric uke created. From traditional ukulele ballads to jazz contemporaries to heavy metal shredding, the Eleuke can deliver unimaginable sound.

The solid-body electric uke sports 3 distinct jacks: headphone output, MP3 input and ¼ inch output.  Unlike acoustic electric ukuleles, you can silently practice and actively hear what you are playing through your headphones.  Enhance your practice sessions by plugging into an MP3 player and play along with any style of music.

Use the ¼ jack for creative sessions, run the uke through an effects pedal or two and create something memorable.   Whether you are a beginning ukulele student, internet music sensation or ukulele virtuoso you can find something great in America’s foremost solid-body electric ukulele, the Eleuke.

Eleuke, the solid body electric ukulele, is now equipped with an MP3 input. Players can now mix what they’re playing to any song by simply plugging in their MP3 players to their Eleuke. In addition to the new MP3 input, there are two types of outputs: the headphone jack allowing musicians to play without disturbing those around them and a 1/4 inch jack that can go into an amp or pedal board.

Recording? You can use the traditional 1/4 inch output into a sound board or simply plug the cable from the earphone jack into your computer’s audio/mic input and you can record your playing directly into the computer.

Musicians will find the ultra-portable Eleuke with its included gig bag and new MP3 play-through features hard to leave at home. Learn to play songs while listening to the original tracks. The MP3 input and the Eleuke volumes are adjusted separately to get the perfect mix. With the option of plugging into an amp, performing artists are adding the Eleuke to their arsenal. This electric uke is sure to find its way into the hands ef every adventurous player.

The best way to understand the Eleuke is to play one. The next best way is to spend a moment browsing through our growing list of YouTube videos ranging from kids to adults and beginners to experts.